Stonewall Hill Conservation Group Appeal Fund

We remain determined to stop Reeves Hill Wind Farm being built. Thanks to generous donations of time and money we have held this development at bay for four years and have made progress in persuading Powys planners to consider the road access application in relation to the whole wind farm project and not in isolation.

We are doing well but need your help to continue the campaign. We need to raise fighting funds to cover foreseeable legal costs. We are challenging Herefordshire Council’s 2012 decision to approve the wind farm and have already forced them to revoke their decision to allow variation of planning conditions. We are campaigning hard to persuade Powys to reaffirm their 2009 opposition to RHWF.

Throughout the campaign we have kept costs to a minimum. So far all the research, correspondence and mediation have been undertaken voluntarily by SHCG members with committed supporters absorbing the significant expenses of signs, paper, printing, telephone, travel etc. For one of us, research, lobbying and letter-writing has been a near full-time occupation. However professional and legal fees are inevitable and costly. The funds raised in 2009 which were spent on specialist reports on landscape, noise assessment, planning and some legal costs are now exhausted.

The SHCG Appeal Fund will be used to pay the legal and administrative costs that will be incurred in the final stages of this fight. If you share our passion to save Stonewall Hill and our border landscape, please give as generously as you can. There are several ways you can make a donation:

* Donate by cash, cheque, or online directly into the SHCG Appeal Fund, Lloyds Bank Account no: 00489906; sort code 30 94 14.

* Use PayPal on the SHCG website at

* Become a Monthly Donor by raising a online standing order donation to our Bank Account (see account details above).

* Send your donation to our Treasurer Andrew Knight, The Nook, Myndd Road, Norton, Powys LD8 2EN. Please make cheques payable to SHCG Appeal Fund. All donations will be kept in strict confidence.

We will keep you updated as to the progress of the fundraising and the campaign to save our Stonewall Hill – please make sure our Secretary David Johnstone <> has your up-to-date contact details.

With my sincere thanks for your continued support,

Dr Stephen Hugh-Jones (Chairman SHCG). 9th Jan. 2013


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