We are delighted to announce that, today, Planning Inspector Louise Crosby dismissed the appeal (see attached) by Bolsterstone and Sir Simon Gourlay against Herefordshire Council’s refusal to discharge Hydrology Condition 14 relating to the consented application DCNW2008/1289/F. This means that the planning permission for Reeves Hill Wind Farm has now definitively lapsed and that the windfarm cannot be built.

We would like to thank all of you in Stonewall Hill Conservation Group for your generous and unfailing support during this nine-year long struggle to protect Stonewall Hill. This is one of the most beautiful parts of the Welsh Marches whose peace, solitude and magnificent unspoiled views are easily accessible to all members of the public. Our group has certainly lived up to its name.

SHCG will continue to fight to ensure the continued and long-term protection of Stonewall Hill and neighbouring areas of this borderland countryside. We will be in touch again soon with plans for the future.