On 08 July, Mark Tansley, the Planning Officer dealing with Reeves Hill Wind Farm emailed SHCG saying “I can now advise that following further legal advice we have confirmed our stance to the Developer”.

On 22 May 2015, Herefordshire Council advised Sir Simon Gourlay that his ‘technical start’ of 24th April was unlawful because the Council could not discharge all the necessary pre-commencement conditions. This decision means that Planning Permisssion ran out on 25th April.

The Developers’ agent, Michael Phillips of Dulas, has been trying to persuade Herefordshire to reconsider but this has not worked. It is now too late for the Developers to challenge Herefordshire’s decision through Judicial Review but they still have until the end of October should they decide to lodge a Planning Appeal.

Meanwhile Powys Council have announced that the meeting to consider access to Reeves Hill Wind Farm will be held at the Council Chambers, Llandrindod Wells on 30 July.