Herefordshire Council is still taking legal advice on whether or not Sir Simon Gourlay’s recently constructed track and work compound will count as the ‘technical start’ that will save his 3-year consent from running out of time. Work on site has now ceased with one digger gone and the other parked up by the borrow pit – or almost ceased. A few days ago two steel gates were put up across the new track (photo). Let’s hope these are gates on the road to nowhere.

Meanwhile, on the Powys side, the Developer’s have just submitted a revised version of their Construction Ecology Management Plan together with an Ecological Constraints Report. Steve Packer has said that he anticipates that the new documentation will be formally advertised on the 22nd May with a consultation period of three weeks.

If SHCG supporters have any critical objections to these documents please send them to Steve Packer at <> with a copy to <>.