On Friday 17 October, SHCG submitted a 29 page (plus appendices) objection relating to P/2012/0573 Access to the Proposed Reeves Hill Wind Farm to Powys Council Planning Department. SHCG’s objection is intended to accompany submissions by SHCG’s professional consultants Ian Kelly (Planning), Mark Steele (Landscape), Christopher Gallagher (Historical Landscape), Keith Ray (Offa’s Dyke) and John Constable (Energy). The SHCG objection deals mainly with planning history, highways construction, public rights of way and public opinion, topics not covered in these professional reports. SHCG’s objection can be downloaded here along with John Constable’s report on the insignificant energy contribution offered by the proposed Reeves Hill Wind Farm. The reports by Kelly, Steele, Gallagher and Ray will be published here soon