Bolsterstone have now submitted their Environmental Statement to the Planning Department. Although the Council claims that the application and associated documents can be viewed on their website this is not entirely the case.

At present only 4 new documents from Dulas / Bolsterstone are available on the Powys website:

2942362 Additional Document ES: this 606-page document contains no less than 6 versions of a 100-page ES dated Feb. 2014!!!  In the first of these versions only, Section 6 on Archaeological and Cultural Heritage has been deleted in red. Otherwise the 6 versions seem identical.  None contain the tables, figures and appendices referred to in the text.

2942377 Additional Document David Stewart Planning Statement

2942378 Additional Document Revised ES section 6 Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Statement dated April 2014 – replaces deleted section of ES (see above)

2942644 Additional Information (Redacted) Covering letter from Michael Phillips, Dulas.

(Bold = Powys website; non bold = SHCG comments).

The applicant’s covering letter states that the following have been sent to Powys:

· Environmental Statement, including construction traffic management plan

· Non-technical summary

· Design and access statement

· Copy of original planning application forms, application cover letter and your authority’s registration of the application

· Copy of the original Reeves Hill Wind Farm Environmental Statement.

Beyond the (2014) ES, none of this is available on the Powys website.  Furthermore, in addition to the original 4. vol May 2008 Environmental Statement, “the original Reeves Hill Wind Farm Environmental Statement” mentioned in the covering letter should rightly also include the Supplementary Environmental Report, Further Supplementary Environmental Information and sundry other documents which make up the Applicants’ overall Environmental Impact Assessment submitted in bits and pieces to Herefordshire Council between 2008 and 2012.

We have already written about these and other matters to John Pearson, the Senior Planning Office dealing with application P/2012/0573: New Site Access…   As soon as we have sorted this issue out, we will let you know.