Walk Against Wind on 9th March.

This has now raised over £4,000!!!!

Thank you all for this wonderfully generous response!

Reeves Hill Wind Farm

On 18th March, an open letter from Simon Gourlay, addressed to Powys Planning Committee members and local Councils, appeared on a local noticeboard. The letter announced that Bolsterstone had submitted the application for access to the proposed Reeves Hill Wind Farm to Powys. To date, no such application has appeared on the Powys Planning website. We wonder why….?

Bowdler Farm Single 79m Turbine

Final comments from the appellant Chris Bevan and defendant Powys Council have now been published on the Planning Inspectorate website (see http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/planning/appeals/ case ref. 2200418). The hearing will take place on 14th May at 10am. Media Resource Centre, Oxford Road, Llandrindod Wells, LD1 6AH . Attendance will show the Inspector that we care about our landscape.

Please put the date in your diary – and make sure you come along.

Hendregenny Single 45m Turbine

Powys Council Planning Committee will soon be considering application P/2014/0225 for a single turbine at Hendregenny Farm near Rhos-y-Meirch, south west of Knighton. The “Zone of Theoretical Visibility” shows the turbine would be clearly visible from a substantial stretch of Offa’s Dyke and could set a precedent for turbines on or around nearby Stonewall Hill (“Reeves Hill”). SHCG supporters are therefore urged to register their objection.

Please take a moment to write objecting to this proposal: Head your letter or email OBJECTION TO P/2014/0225 Send to the Case Officer: Holly-Ann Hobbs, The Gwalia, Ithon Road, Llandrindod Wells, Powys LD1 6AA. mailto: holly.hobbs@powys.gov.uk

Points for objection:

  • High visibility from all surrounding upland
  • Visual impact on both UK National Trails in Powys: Offa’s Dyke and Glyndwr’s Way.
  • Visible from substantial section of Offa’s Dyke Trail from Cwm-sanhan and Panpunton Hill through to Dolley Green, Discoed and Beggar’s Bush. Impact on Glyndwr’s Way from Beacon Hill and Bailey Hill.
  • Impact on rural regeneration through tourism. Offa’s Dyke Trail and ancient monument, Glyndwr’s Way, and the unspoilt border countryside are Knighton’s main tourist assets. Knighton’s Offa’s Dyke Centre has just been selected as one of three strategic central tourist “hubs” for Powys.
  • Precedent for Reeves Hill and other piecemeal turbine development. The developer has omitted the assessment of cumulative impact required by Powys planning policy.
  • Eight residences within 1km. Visible from residences in Rhos-y-Meirch , Whitton, Discoed and elsewhere.
  • Inadequate photomontages submitted with application – none from Offa’s Dyke Trail. Zone of Theoretical Visibility map (ZTV) appears to be calculated for a hub height of 24. 6m; it should be to the 45 m. tip height.

Technically public responses should arrive by 28th April but, in practice, Powys will accept responses after this date. Ideally your response should be in by 06 May. The decision will be made at a full Planning Committee meeting – date to be announced.