The Planning Inspectorate, Wales, has ruled that a Public Hearing is needed to determine Cllr. Chris Bevan’s appeal relating to the proposed turbine at Bowdler Farm.

Cllr. Bevan had requested that the appeal be determined by Written Representation – thus depriving the public of an opportunity to have their say. However, the Inspector has decided that a Public Hearing is needed because the appeal is accompanied by an Environmental Statement and because the turbine will impact on parts of Offa’s Dyke that are Scheduled Ancient Monuments.

The Inspector has also asked the applicant for further information concerning the environmental impact of the proposed turbine, specfically an outline of the main alternatives considered by the applicant and a consideration of the cumulative visual impacts of the development with the proposed Reeves Hill turbines (and any other existing or proposed turbines) on the setting of parts of Offa’s Dyke and other scehduled ancient monuments.

The appeal process will not begin until this information has been supplied and approved by the Inspector. When the Appeal begins, members of the public will have a deadline for sending in written submissions. They can attend the Public Hearing and will also be allowed speak at the Public Hearing at the Inspector’s discretion. We will let you know as soon as we hear the Appeal is open.