Following advice from Cadw, the WAG has overturned Powys County Council’s ruling that the proposed Bowdler Farm wind turbine did not require an EIA. The WAG’s screening opinion comes in the wake of Cllr. Chris Bevan’s 20 June 2013 appeal to Welsh Ministers against the failure of the Council to determine his turbine application within 8 weeks.

In reply, Rosemary Thomas, Chief Planner to the WAG, advised Cllr. Bevan, “You are reminded that, under regulation 9(6) of the 1999 Regulations, the Welsh Ministers shall be under no duty to deal with the appeal unless, within 3 weeks from the date of notification , the appellant wishes to inform Welsh Ministers that he proposes to provide an Environmental Statement”.

The Chief Planner’s letter quotes Cadw’s advice that the proposed turbine would have indirect impacts on the settings of nearby sections of Offa’s Dyke and a number of other Scheduled Ancient Monuments and on the setting of the grade I historic park of Stanage Park and the grade II registered historic park of Boultibrooke. Additionally, the WAG mentions “the likely visual impacts and cumulative impacts with other existing and proposed turbines”. These other turbines would include Bolstertsone’s four 206m high turbines proposed for Stonewall Hill (“Reeves Hill”).