Bowdler Farm Turbine will be on the agenda of the Presteigne & Norton Town Council meeting which will take place this Wednesday (15 May) at 7.30 pm in the Judge’s Lodgings

Dr Stephen Hugh-Jones will be making the case to oppose the application. 





Application P/2013/0411 to Powys County Council: Erection of Wind Turbine (hub 50m, total height 79m), ancillary structures and new access road at Bowdler Farm, Knighton


This new turbine application is closely related to Reeves Hill Wind Farm

Please make sure you put in your objection


Knighton Councillor, Chris Bevan applied for a single turbine, just 1.35km from Offa’s Dyke on 15.4.2013.  This was 10 days before he addressed Powys Councillors at the planning meeting for his wind-monitoring mast on the same site, telling them he might never apply for a turbine!


This application is likely to be determined BEFORE Reeves Hill Wind Farm  (P/2012/0573) which consists of 4x106m turbines just 2km away on the same upland.  If Bevan’s application is approved, it will change the local landscape to a “wind turbine landscape” which would favour RHWF.  Powys Planning Department can request an Environmental Impact Assessment for any single turbine over 15m hub-height.  Cumulative impact with other turbines and impact on historic monuments are “Schedule 3” reasons for requiring an EIA and yet no EIA was required.


The “model turbine” for the application is a Directwind 52/54 500kw turbine with a 50m hub height and 25.5m blades which is a “de-rated” version of the 900kw model.  The smaller 500kw capacity earns a GREATER feed-in tariff income than the 900kw model, while having an EQUAL negative impact and producing LESS energy.  This 75.5m to blade tip model was used for noise assessment although the application is for a turbine up to 79m to blade tip which could be noisier; the cumulative noise with RHWF could result in significant noise nuisance for some residents.


Please use your own words for your objection and head it:


Objection to P/2013/0411. Wind turbine & access, Bowdler Farm


And post is it to:

Holly-Anne Hobbs

Planning Services, Powys CC

The Gwalia, Ifon Road

Llandindrod Wells




email  to


to reach her before Monday,  June 2nd 2013


In addition to supporting the need for a full Environmental Impact Assessment, you may want to use some of the points below.






1. Cumulative effect with Reeves Hill Wind Farm, only 2km away on the local landscape, the public road over Stonewall Hill, Llan-Wen green lane, Knighton, Norton and parts of Prestiegne, Stanage grade1 listed Park.  The cumulative visual and noise impact will particularly affect residents on Stonewall Hill, Presteigne Road and in Norton.  If Powys approves, this will provide a precedent for Reeves Hill Wind Farm and for other turbines in the area.


2.  Offa’s Dyke, only 1.3km away, is one of Britain’s best-known and remarkable Scheduled Ancient Monuments and a National Trail, important in the local economy of the Knighton area and for farm diversification.


3.  Landscape impact on the rural upland landscape of the Welsh Marches with views over  Welsh Hills, the Teme Valley and  Shropshire AONB  and West Herefordshire Hills will be irrevocably changed by this intrusive industrial structure.  The Developer’s landscape assessment is laughable.  It claims that this 259foot moving structure on the skyline would only have significant visual impact up to 1 or1.5km away.


4.  The Spaceguard Centre Observatory only 1.25km away, will have its important work jeopardised by red lighting on the turbine, air turbulence and vibrations as mentioned by the Observatory owner’s objection letter.  The latter two are cumulative effects with Reeves Hill Wind Farm.


5. Llan-Wen green lane, 50m distant from the turbine base, connects the bridleway from the B4355 (Knighton to Norton road) to Llanshay Lane and is popular for horse riding and walking.  There are plans to request formal designation as a bridleway:  many witnesses have already signed that they have regularly ridden this ancient lane for periods between 20 to 60 years.


6. A new access road for turbine transporters will be built from the B4355.  The applicant says it is 740m long with a “minor widening”.  The plans suggest a much longer road with a 20m entrance from the dangerous B4355




Dr Stephen Hugh-Jones       Chairman, SHCG

David Johnstone                     Secretary, SHCG



David Johnstone
Secretary Stonewall Hill Conservation Group