Dear SHCG Supporter,

P/2013/0239 50m anemometer, Bowdler Farm, Knighton.

Case Officer Holly-Ann Hobbs Or. The Gwalia, Ithon Rd, Llandindrod Wells, LD1 6AA

10.00am on Thursday 25th April 2013, Council Chambers, County Hall, Llandindrod Wells
Please come to the planning meeting if you possibly can.

You could still object in a last minute email objection to Holly-Ann Hobbs!

  • 50m mast means forthcoming application for 80m+ turbines. It is misleading to claim it has any other purpose.
  • Mast only 50m from green lane used by riders and walkers. This is continuation of bridleway and connects B4355 to Llanshay Lane.
  • Mast will be on skyline 2km away from proposed Reeves Hill Wind Farm
  • Mast will be lit (red) at night – MoD letter requires this
  • Mast only 1.35km from Offa’s Dyke National Trail and Ancient Monument
  • Mast only 1.25km from Observatory – light will compromise viewing ofnight sky
  • Turbines would not be acceptable in this location for landscape reasons
  • People of Norton and Knighton Council strongly object. 93% of Nortonresidents have already signed that they do not want turbines on

    Stonewall Hill and they are dismayed by this further application

  • Local residents have already suffered 19 years of Simon Gourlay trying toput turbines on Stonewall Hill skyline. Enough is enough.
  • Powys objected to Reeves Hill Wind Farm in Herefordshire: this scheme isin Powys and even nearer Offa’s Dyke and more visible from Knighton.
  • Powys Highways response says there is no acceptable access forconstruction of turbines. B4355 is already an accident-prone road.
  • The mast will contribute to the local house-sale blight caused by RHWF
  • The mast will encourage more applications for masts/turbines.Summary: this is deeply unpopular scheme applied for by a Knighton Councillor (Chris Bevan), which threatens the beautiful Welsh Marches landscape and its prime iconic asset: Offa’s Dyke.

    As there is no chance large turbines would be acceptable under Powys Planning guidance in this location, there is no justification for a 50m mast with red light which is itself a major intrusion on the landscape for a period of 18 months.

    An application is underway for the Llan-wen Green Lane to be officially recognised as a bridleway in keeping with its regular use by walkers and riders for as long as any local people can remember.