Herefordshire Council say they will revoke consent in response to SHCG’s legal challenge

SHCG members had already pointed out many of the faults with the Developer’s application N121404/F to vary the site entrances to the turbines from the public roads. Members asked the Mortimer Ward Councillor, who is also Chair of Herefordshire Council, to request that the application be determined at a public meeting of the Planning Committee. The Planning Officers ignored our points, got the developer to supply new plans after the consultation period was over, and issued permission – without any public meeting – on 22nd October 2012.

SHCG’s lawyers challenged the Council’s granting of planning permission for this variation of conditions to allow the new site entrances. Soon after, the Council’s lawyers announced that they intend to revoke the planning permission.

Normally, when a planning permission is revoked, a Developer can claim substantial compensation from the Council. We do not know what negotiations have taken place between Herefordshire Council and the Developer of Reeves Hill Wind Farm. SHCG has now asked the Council for details.